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Pinaymootang First Nation

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John "DieHard" McLean


John McLean jr was raised in Pinaymootang AKA Fairford, Manitoba.  He now resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba where he is living his life as a professional boxer.  At 22 years of age, John has proven that anyone can live a dream if they'd only pursue it.  His reputation has grown as a pro boxer, predominantly in Winnipeg.  Check out his highlights and statistics at the website below for more info on "DieHard."



Country: Canada
State: Manitoba
City/Town: Pinaymootang
Name: Steven G Shorting
Sighting Date: 4/23/2001
I remember one warm day I was set to do some training for an upcoming cross-country meet that usually started every school year. The place where I was living was an old air force base that was being used to house people from the surrounding reserves that did not have adequate housing. The base was surrounded by great batches of thick forest. Of course this area was strewn with paths and trails, ideal for cross country running. I entered a a path leading to a backroad when all of a sudden up ahead, about 50 metres I noticed something unusual slip into the bushes. I then noticed a rancid smell that I never smelled before. I stopped and kept staring at the spot where I noticed the movement. Shivers had ran up my spine as I could see these eyes looking at me. I freaked out and slowly started backing off. Not once did I take my eyes off these eyes. ONe thing was for sure, I knew this thing that was there was not human. I never did jog around that area again. I did tell a few people but they shrugged it off as me telling a lie, only looking for attention. To this day I still remember this incident and wonder what the hell that was. I havent really told anyone except for a select few friends.

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