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Pinaymootang First Nation

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Information technology in Pinaymootang.

Anthony Thompson is just 1 of 10 Graduates, who had taken the PC Technician program in Fairford.  Check out his Site for more info about him by clicking the FIT link.



Pinaymootang (Fairford) First Nation

Fairford, Manitoba R0C 0X0

Fairford First Nation is located on picturesque landscape between Lake Manitoba and Lake St. Martin. Situated off No. 6 Highway, 2-1/2 hours north of Winnipeg, Fairford First Nation has many attractions and experiences to offer.

One of the key attractions of the area is the well known fishing spot located at the Fairford Dam which connects the two lakes. The Fairford River stretches its way along the reserve and then cuts through the heart of Fairford First Nation. This not only provides a scenic view for boat or canoe trips, but it tells the story of Fairford's heritage and rich past.

There are many sights to see just by travelling down the Fairford River. First of all, to your right, you will find the remains of a Hudson's Bay Trading Post. Prior to the advent of motor vehicles, waterways were the prime means by which traders and travellers got around. Located at the junction of two waterways, Fairford was one part of a major route. Furs were traded, along with other goods including cloth, munitions and basic food stuffs. As you examine the shore, you will still see the dug out areas where weary travellers and hunters dragged up their York boats. Alongside the Post, only a few minutes further along your journey, is the quaint 150 year old Anglican Church built by missionaries from Fairford, England. Visible from the Anglican Church is the CN Railway Bridge that dates back to 1912 and stands as a breakthrough in early twentieth century architecture. Built with a special revolving lever which can swing the bridge out of the way to allow for the passing of large ships, the structure stands as a testimonial to the value once held by the area as a major waterway.

During the summer months, other highlights you may wish to experience include the Fairford Treaty Days. During this time the community gathers together and participates in a broad range of local events including races, contests and a baseball tournament which take place over two days in June. Campers will enjoy their stay at the beautiful Riverside Campgrounds located just off the highway alongside the Fairford River. The nearby Pinaymootang Service Station is open 24 hours a day for groceries, supplies, fishing gear, gasoline and light snacks.

As for the winter season, Fairford's own Pinaymootang School holds its Christmas Concert in the second week of December. Another event to see in the month of February is Fairford's Winterfest. The whole community takes part in many winter activities, events and competitions including tea boiling and fish filleting contests as well as snowmobile races.

Also, in Fairford you will find Moar's Mini-Museum which contains a broad and eclectic array of a historic artifacts. Finally the Pinaymootang Arena provides entertainment through rollerblading, ice-skating, tennis, volleyball and hockey. For adults, there are also VLT's available.

Chief Garnet Woodhouse

Telephone: (204) 659-5705
Fax: (204) 659-5068


Fairford Bridge Convenience - (204) 659-2110

Pinaymootang (Convenience Store)
Telephone: (204) 659-4411
Fax: (204) 659-5383

Lawson's Creek (Convenience Store) - (204) Unavailable

Other Services

Anishinaabe Child & Family Services - (204) 659-4546

Anishinaabe Mino-Ayaawin Inc. - (204) 659-2094

Fairford FIA Program - (204) 659-2064

Fairford Health Centre Indian Health Services - (204) 659-5786

Interlake Reserves Tribal Council Inc - (204) 659-4465

Pinaymootang Arena - (204) 659-2670

Pinaymootang Lotteries - (204) 659-4421

Pinaymootang School - (204) 659-2045

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